John helped me get through a troubling time and he will help you too


Retired Black Jack Dealer

Nine years later, I still have a note on my refrigerator that John sent me to NEVER GIVE UP!


Successful Real Estate Investor

I was in a rough stage in my life, between jobs, depressed, not sure what I was going to do next. John coached me and motivated me. Now I have my own business and got my life back on track. Without him, I don’t think I’d be here today.

Jake MonteMayor

Successful Entrepreneur

What an amazing person, coach and mentor. So positive, so knowledgeable, and very dedicated!

Babs Marich

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About John

John Cafiero is founder of weCoach.com, Best Selling Author,  “Believe It and Receive It – Turn Your Dreams Into Reality” and of “Big Bold Business Advice”, public speaker and a business and life coach with 30-plus years of sales and marketing experience. He has successfully built and sold two businesses valued at several million dollars and now spends time helping others do the same. John strategically designs one-on-one and group coaching programs to help business owners increase sales quickly rather than them struggling to do it alone. He also helps people align their dreams with their reality by creating an action plan to live life to its fullest potential. He trains sales teams with proven systems for selling more in all types of businesses, and his proven techniques can be customized to fit any industry. He delivers training that engages participants with easy-to-understand strategies and practical implementation tactics based on sound selling fundamentals. 
John has shown company owners how to increase business by 40% in just 30 days and over 100% in 365 Days. He does this with a systematic modern day approach to transform your business into a modern day company that’s now needs to be able to sell to a modern day customer. So, If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired… of just getting enough…Then you won’t regret learning more from his books and programs. John earned a BS in marketing and management from Montclair State University.  Father of two beautiful boys and a lover of life and living each breath with passion!

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How to Overcome Fear and Change Your Life

Law of Attraction Believe It and Receive It Free Book Offer



by John Cafiero

Believe it and Receive it by John Cafiero


John Cafiero’s Believe It And Receive It

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

 Believe It and Receive It – Turn Your Dreams Into Reality will show you how to manifest whatever it is that you dream about.  The Law of Attraction is not a secret anymore. You’ll learn about “Dream Control” which is how you take control of what you dream about most and make that all come true for you.  Turning your dreams of thoughts and ideas into your reality.
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Big Bold Business Advice by John Cafiero

Big Bold Business Advice From US Business Owners

Turn your dreams into reality.

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by John Cafiero



John Cafiero’s Dream Control Academy
Learn How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Six week intensive training series called Dream Control, where You’ll learn in detail step by step how to make all of your dreams come true for you…
Listen, life is way too short to be living out the dreams of someone else by going to a dead end job or wishing the day or week away just to head into the weekend…  Or maybe you’re missing you feel like you are missing out on life…  Without or not enough in any aspect of your life.  Whether it be a lacking in a relationship, career or money or simply pure happiness and joy.  If you are not waking up each and every morning excited to start the day, then you need to consider turning your current dreams into your reality…
What you will learn WITH MY DREAM CONTROL MASTERY VIDEO COURSE, will be a wealth of information that is easy to understand and actually implement as well…  You need to invest in yourself and believe that this is your time…  This 6 week intensive video course for only $997.
Sign up today and get a bonus one-on-one personal coaching session with John.  
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 John Cafiero's Dream Finder

John Cafiero’s Dream Finder
Self Discovery to Learn What Your True Passons and Dreams Are

Dream Finder is a comprehensive step by step self discovery evaluation.  This will help you to delve in deep to help you tap into what you are most passionate about…   You will discover and uncover your top three emotions and how to use these to unleash this personal power within you!
John Cafiero WeCoach.com

John Cafiero’s Key To Life Mastermind Group
Master the Human Powers Inside of You

Dream Finder is a comprehensive step by step self discovery evaluation.  This will help you to delve in deep to help you tap into what you are most passionate about…   You will discover and uncover your top three emotions and how to use these to unleash this personal power within you!

WeCoach.com John Cafiero

John Cafiero’s Turn Up The Heat For Success Video
Turn Into a Stream Motivation Machine

In this video you will learn how to unlock your unlimited power within you!  This extra heat we all have, but so very few know how to unlock this secret inside of us!  UNTIL NOW!!!!  Learn how to unlock this heat inside of you to find unlimited success and happiness for your life!
John Cafiero's WeCoach Academy

John Cafiero’s WeCoach Academy – Coming Spring of 2017
Where Authors, Speakers, and Coaches Get their Message Out to the World

We all have a gift to share!  We all have something to teach to others!  Have you ever thought of writing a book?  Or becoming a coach? In this course you will learn how to share what you have in you and earn thousands or even millions doing it!  In this in depth comprehensive course you will learn how to create content, build your business success plan, create a brand, marketing yourself on and off line, and so so much more.  “We” are all coaches of some expertise…  This exciting course is coming spring of 2017!

John Cafiero's Peak Peformance


John Cafiero’s Peak Performance Academy
Perform at Your Peak Level in Business and in Life

The most advanced training on conditioning yourself to operate at your Peak Performance in all you do in your business, sports, or life.  Learn the most advanced techniques of how all top performers operate at an entirely different level to maximize 
on how you can master your psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion skills.   
Through the use of neuroscience techniques as well as elite training studies we can begin performing at our absolute peak to advance to new heights in all we do! 
Coming Soon!

John Caviero's We Coach Key To Life Academy Bundle



John Cafiero’s Key To Life Academy
Master the Human Powers Inside of You

We have human powers in us that most of us don’t utilize effectively or even know that they exist.  Learn how to unleash your hidden potential and achieve everything and anything you’ve ever wanted.  Finding the key to life will unlock all that is currently holding you back from expansion beyond what you’ve ever thought possible before. Turn your passion into your purpose.  If you want change in your life, then you must make the changes necessary to become who you were destined to become.  And once you hold this key everything that has been holding you back from your dream life can now be unlocked so life can truly be lived with passion in each and every moment!  The Key To Life Academy is your key to living life to it’s fullest! 
Coming Soon!

John Cafiero's WeCoach.com Key to Business Bundle


John Cafiero’s Key to Business Academy: The Five Keys to Business Mastery
The Secret Formula for Explosive Business Growth

The key to be successful in business comes down to several factors that only the select few utilize to maximize sales and profits..  This course is for the seasoned business owner right down to the new business just starting out and everyone else in between.  You will learn the key to success for all aspects of business from sales techniques, marketing in todays environment, to structuring yourself and your business for success. The world is rapidly changing and getting the edge in business is critical to ensure you come out on top of your competition.  Learn to think in the shoes of your customer and key market differences and personality types.  Learn to implement the most state of art marketing techniques like sales funnels, online and offline marketing, and how to use and strategize your social media to make it work for you. If you want to get to the next level in your business then you need the Key to Business Academy to help get you there.  Learn to how to get unstuck working in your business and instead work on your business.  The key to business success!
Coming Soon!